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Participate in hands-on workshop & masterclass conducted by top experts @ BaseConf 2020.  Limited to only 50 delegates per session.

Day 1 – Wednesday | 15th Jan 2020

Designing the Roadmap of Your Corporate Innovation Journey

Trainer : Lalitha Wemel, Regional Director, Community (APAC) of Techstars

Lalitha is the Regional Director of Community for Asia Pacific at Techstars, the global network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. She has been actively overseeing the partnerships and programming of startup ecosystem development and programming across Asia Pacific since 2015; where she has worked with over 20+ corporate & government partners in the region, developing strategy, executing corporation innovation programs and leading community growth activities.

Join her in this workshop set to widen your perspective and understanding of the corporate innovation journey. 

As the corporate landscape shifts dramatically, companies are facing more threats than ever. It’s not just peer companies of similar size, corporations now have to deal with the threats posed by small companies and startups. This workshop aims to share the process of the corporate innovation journey to help executive define & design their own corporate innovation roadmap.


Time : 10:00am – 11:30am

Design Sprint In Corporates : How Innovation Happens In Just One Week

Trainer : Sabrina Shabri, Etiqa Digital Solutions of Etiqa

The design sprint has become a trusted format for problem-solving for many large companies, but there’s still much concern amongst some enterprise organisations that its not appropriate for their needs. In this workshop, Sabrina will share her tips on how design sprint can be effectively implemented in a corporate environment to help any transformational process.

Sabrina heads up the Voice of Customer unit within Etiqa Digital Solutions. Her main responsibility is to manage and execute customer-centricity tools & platforms in Etiqa. This involves constant engagement with customers to understand their needs and pain points that would input to better product & service development.

Time : 11:45am – 1:00pm

User Experience Strategy to Lead the Corporate Success

Trainer : Aldrich Huang, CEO of UXTesting

Aldrich is the CEO and co-founder of, one of the world pioneers in user experience. He is devoted to optimising the user experience and offers remote testing to entrepreneurs, UX teams and product managers utilising user behaviour analysis that helps dig deeper for a better user experience. 

Join him as he teaches you why happy users makes a happy company. User Experience is the new key for corporate to reach the next success in Marketing 4.0 century. This workshop wants  share the secret sauce of how to communicate with internal and external stakeholders with user experience mindset and strategy to make the right business decision for your organization.



Time : 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Personalising Commerce: How Conversations Can Help Brands Boost Online Sales & Build Customer Loyalty

Trainer : Nyha Shree, Co-Founder & CMO of

Nyha Shree, Co-founder and CMO of, an all-one-conversational commerce platform that equips consumer businesses of all sizes from small-to-mid-size consumer brands to Fortune 500 companies create messaging-first customer experiences across popular social, messaging and web platforms.

Nyha Shree will share you her experience on how brands and retailers to engage with their customers in the most powerful and efficient way possible. 

Join her as she shares insights on the rise of conversational commerce, its dominance in SEA and consumers changing expectations from brands. Nyha believes that artificial intelligence alone is not the answer, but the next generation of conversational experiences will be powered by a mix of both – automated agent and human sales associates. Find out more on how you can win the customer experience battlefield and gain a competitive advantage by giving your customers a voice and creating your storefront and brand presence across social, messaging, web and offline.  

Time : 3:45pm – 5:15pm

Day 2 – Thursday | 16th Jan 2020

The Art & Science Of Brand Building To Achieve Million Dollar Sales In Less 9 Months

Trainer : Zi Kang Tai, Founder & Director, FITGEAR

ZiKang Tai is an E-Commerce entrepreneur, growth-hacker & the founder of FITGEAR and OXWHITE. He started his business with a RM3,000 (US$700) self-funded capital and built his brand into a RM15million (US$3.7mil) business through accumulated sales with over 40,000 customers worldwide within 2 years. In this workshop, Zi Kang will share his secret sauce of rapid brand building as well as tips on scaling the business  in the current digital age.

Time: 11:30am – 1:00pm

[Close Session] National Innovation Hubs Symposium (Facebook x Think City x MDEC)

Organiser : Eric Lee, Facebook Malaysia

Think City is spearheading the development of an innovation precinct in George Town that forms part
of a larger Innovation Supercluster around Penang Bay to develop “industries of the future” primarily
focusing on the intersection of creativity, culture and technology. Facebook is also looking to enhance
innovation ecosystems through digital platforms such as Workplace, Facebook, and Instagram. The two
organisations wish to partner and collaborate with other agencies to hold symposiums with key
stakeholders – one main symposium in Johor Bahru, followed by workshops in George Town and the
respective cities.

Time : 2pm – 6pm

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