“Unity is strength, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” Mattie Stepanek. 

START Malaysia, previously known as StartupJohor has teamed up with one of Southeast Asia’s leading sources of tech & business news, Techsauce Media Thailand to bring you BaseConf2020, the biggest regional tech conference to Iskandar Malaysia. 

The two day conference is set to showcase the local startup ecosystem and provide you with invaluable knowledge sharing with some of the greatest minds in the startup & technology world of Southeast Asia. 





What is BaseConf2020?

BaseConf 2020 & Techsauce Global Summit, will be happening on the 15th – 16th January 2020 at Iskandar Malaysia Studios, Iskandar Puteri. The objective of the conference is to create a platform to showcase local entrepreneurs while providing them with the right exposure on a regional level. The conference will also act as a catalyst to accelerate and leverage on the entrepreneurial momentum within in Johor.

Who should come to this event? 

Entrepreneurs, founders, leaders, venture capitalists & angel investors who want to leverage on the region’s ecosystem and gain insight from key players of Southeast Asia’s growing tech industry.


Six reasons why you should not miss BaseConf2020

Iskandar Malaysia’s 1st Regional Tech Conference 

The first ever business and technology conference of its kind in Iskandar Malaysia and this is your opportunity to gain access to new information and industry insights that will help you unlock your full potential. We are bringing key players from the likes of Alibaba, Traveloka, Ant Financial and of course Techstars just to name a few. Be exposed to new ways of conducting business, network with peers that can help you uncover ideas and spark inspiration. Learn more of the current business climate to stay competitive in today’s fast paced world and of course have fun.  

Be informed, educated and motivated

The best thing about attending a conference of this scale is the endless possibilities of further improving your knowledge and widen your perspective. No matter what type of business you run, BaseConf2020 will have something for you, every session of the conference and workshops will teach you a new aspect that you can apply in the future. 

Check out the six pillars of BaseConf2020 below

The People & Faces at BaseConf2020

Our speakers are industry experts from all over the region and they will inspire and empower you with new ideas, strategies, tips and tricks that will help you on your entrepreneurial journey. 

Mingle With The Top Speakers

Start the year with a bang! Get the latest industry insights & global trends from 50+ top experts at BaseConf 2020!

Workshops & Masterclasses 

Once you’ve bought your two day ticket and attend BaseConf2020, you will be taught by some of the best industry mentors in the ecosystem. You will have dedicated sessions that will help you connect and interact with these individuals. This is to inspire you to widen your perspective, unlock new innovation and push the boundaries of your business. Hurry and don’t miss out! 

One on One Business Matching

Establish a direct and personal relationship with these experienced individuals and get them to help you with your business. Book and engage with potential venture capitalists, investors and corporate executives in advance. You will be able to identify growth opportunities and trends as well as instantly promote your company, its products, services and technology on a regional level.

Networking Opportunities 

You can expect several networking opportunities to help you build a stronger network. Of course you can do that during the breaks, but there’s an interactive round table session where you can meet knowledgeable professions, industry experts and like-minded peers as well as an after party at Puteri Harbour! Take the opportunity to pitch your company to those you meet at BaseConf2020. 

With an abundance of opportunities to mingle, we aim to connect you with people from various backgrounds and industries who might have the same interests, goals and experiences as you do. You never know who you’ll meet, it could be a future partner, customer or even investor. There’s a good deal of people who are excited to share what they are working on and learn more about you and what you do, so don’t forget your business cards!


What are you waiting for?

Get your tickets while its hot to make sure you don’t miss out on the most exciting tech conference in Iskandar Malaysia.