Here, we’ve selected intriguing talks from our ‘Venture Investment’ track where you’ll want to grab a front row seat.

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Day 1  –  Wednesday, January 15

10:20AM – 11:00AM

[Keynote] The Art of Investing In Emerging Markets: Why The Time To Invest Is Now

Emerging markets in developing countries are quickly becoming the driver of global economic growth. Why the need to invest in them? To cash in where today’s growth is and to gear up for the foreseeable future. These economies are expected to grow several times faster than developed nations, as corporate profits tend to increase faster when economic growth is higher.

Learn from the experts on our panel and realise that the time is now: as emerging markets have ‘emerged’ and  leading the economic growth while generating high GDP. This diversification is providing new opportunities to access global leaders in technology and innovation while allowing exposure to all levels of the market.

11:30AM – 12:15PM

[Panel Discussion] Preparing Beyond The Next Round: What Startups & Investors Should Know Before An Exit / IPO

You’ve put in all your time and effort into building something of value, then one day you wake up to get a random offer. You get excited, you’re worried, due diligence is happening and you’re in a mess. The buyer wants to haggle, so what should you do?

Exits, mergers & acquisitions and going IPO are the goals of many founders. Some would hold on and try to make it as the next unicorn while others would cash out, but are you actually ready for the big E? Have you spent enough time understanding the exit plan? Have you maximised your options? Do you understand how M&As and going IPO works? If you don’t, this discussion will give you all the answers you need to know before making the most important decision for your startup.

12:15PM – 01:00PM

[Panel Discussion] The Reality & Truth of Fundraising In Malaysia: What Founders, Investors & Ecosystem Builders Need To Do Before Helping Companies Scale & Exit

Every business begins with high hopes and investor confidence, but we know that one decision can either make or break any business startup. In this session, learn how local companies can raise money while unlocking more venture capital into the local startup ecosystem. Find out what founders, investors and ecosystem builders need to fix before helping local companies scale up and exit. Our panel of experts will also share how to make the right market decisions to obtain the required funding and scale the business for your exit plan.

02:00PM – 02:30PM

[Panel Discussion] China’s Investment In Southeast Asia: An Opportunity or Crisis For Founders & VCs?

Southeast Asia’s diversity and population have driven the region to become a focal point for Chinese tech conglomerates who are looking to expand outside their domestic market. Alibaba Group Holding has bought Lazada Group and signed deals with both Thailand and Malaysia, while gaming and social media giant Tencent Holdings has invested in Singapore-based Sea, the company behind Garena gaming arm and Shopee.

With Chinese investors eyeing this region, how do we capitalize on this opportunity? How do we make the best of it? Take a look at the bigger picture with our panelists as they share their insights in this intriguing session.

04:40PM – 05:20PM

[Keynote] Make Your Startup Thrive While You Sleep: Investing In Startup Operations & Growth Automation

The reality is that financial success is a probability formula, and 95% of startups fail. You need to solve numerous problems before a solution can translate into growth for the company.  With this approach, time management is key. Validation, sales, growth and even accounting needs to be commoditized and automated as much as possible. Learn the methodologies, tactics and case studies for how to rapidly find product-market-fit for your startup to accelerate your progress towards scaling up or shutting down.

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