START Malaysia and Techsauce Thailand forms new a strategic partnership with the launch of the region’s biggest tech conference, BaseConf 2020 power by Techsauce Global Summit.

ISKANDAR PUTERI: START Malaysia, previously known as StartupJohor, the local startup ecosystem cultivator nestled in the Southern region of Malaysia signed an Official Partnership Contract with Techsauce Media Thailand, one of Southeast Asia leading sources of tech & business news. Together these two parties will organise BaseConf 2020, the first regional tech conference in Iskandar Malaysia at Iskandar Malaysia Studios this January. 

The exchanging of contracts between Start Malaysia and Techsauce Global Summit by Amarit Charoenphan, Executive Chairman, Hubba Thailand and Feng Lim, CEO of StartMalaysia witness by YB Jimmy Pua Wee Tse, Engku Ahmad Kamel IRDA, Encik Nukman Abdul Rahman, Head of Digital IIB, Encik Azryain Borhan JCorp, Encik Rashid Karim, Chief Executive Officer of Iskandar Malaysia Studios.

The Official Partnership signing and BaseConf 2020 announcement took place on 16th October 2019 at IskandarSpace with the presence of Feng Lim, CEO of START Malaysia, and Amarit Charoenphan, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder of Hubba Thailand & Techsauce, Oko Davaasuren, Director of Ecosystem Development of TechStars, as well as VIP guests YB Jimmy Puah Wee Tse, Johor International Trade, Investment and Utilities Committee Chairman, Engku Ahmad Kamel, Lead of Key Result Area Economic Prosperity of Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA), En Nukman Abdul Rahman, Head of Digital, Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB) and En Azryain Borhan, Advisor for Business Continuity Management, Johor Corporation (JCorp) and Rashid Karim, Chief Executive Officer of Iskandar Malaysia Studios. 

Feng Lim, CEO Of StartMalaysia sharing the details of the Johor Startup Ecosystem.

“Baseconf 2020 will be our statement to the country, the region & the world, there’s a lot of serious innovation going on in the Johor startup ecosystem, there are great entrepreneurs & startup companies in this city and anyone can build a successful startup outside of any capital city.”

“It does not need to be Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong or Silicone Valley, it can be done in here in Johor, places like Penang, Melaka, Kuching and in fact any city around the world,” said Feng Lim, CEO of START Malaysia during the signing ceremony. 

Over the past years, START Malaysia have been showcasing and leveraging on the Johor startup ecosystem through various events, networking sessions, as well as the publishing of the 2018 Johor Startup Ecosystem Report that, gained vivid regional attention. Recently in August 2019, StartupJohor merged with START Mongolia to form a unified brand called START, which  aims to build a global acceleration hub for startups in Johor, while at the same time becoming the gateway to global expansion with emerging partners.

Johor Internationall Trade, Investment and Utility Committee Chairman YB Jimmy Puah Wee Tse addressing the growth of the local startup community in Johor.

“We have a voice, but we need a platform to amplify our needs and I fully concur. We know that we have the products, as well as the talents necessary to take us to the next level, but if this is not spread to others, how would they know it?  With BaseConf 2020, and the rebranding from Startup Johor to START Malaysia, this is no longer about Johor, nor Malaysia but we are taking it to a global level, and that’s where we are going,” said YB Jimmy Puah. 

He explained that the new state government has been very proactive in trying to achieve a new dimension in an economic prospect, as Johor is traditionally a manufacturing based income state, the best in Malaysia for the past six years. 

“In 2015, the service industry contributed to 42% of the state’s economy. End of this year, it will be close to 49%. It is my humble wish, and my hope that the persistence of all of you here, that by 2021 the Service industry will contribute more than half of the state’s economy,” he added. 

BaseConf 2020 & Techsauce Global Summit, will be happening on the 15th & 16th January 2020 at Iskandar Malaysia Studios, Iskandar Puteri. The objective of the conference is to create a platform to showcase local entrepreneurs, while providing them with the right exposure on a regional level.

The event aims to receive 1500 attendees, 100 companies as well as 50 regional speakers from 15 cities across Asia Pacific. The goal is to make BaseConf 2020 the best conference in Johor Bahru & Malaysia and the most diverse yet. The conference will also act as a catalyst to accelerate and leverage on the entrepreneurial momentum within in Johor. 

Amarit Chaorenphan, Executive Chairman, Hubba Thailand sharing key snippets of the upcoming BaseConf2020 & Techsauce Global Summmit.

“Our mission is to provide that opportunity to everyone, whether they are old or young, seasoned tech entrepreneurs or people who don’t know what a startup is, and want to know more. Those who are privileged or those struggling to make their dreams come through.”

“We believe that technology is an equaliser, that everybody can tap into that same free WIFI, use the same tools, read the same blogs and media portals and access, the means that they can improve their lives,” said Charoenphan, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder of Hubba Thailand & Techsauce during his keynote presentation.

There will be world renowned tech startups, ecosystem leaders, angel investors and large corporations who will be present at BaseConf2020, with speakers including the likes of Oko Davaasuren from Techstars, Jeffrey Paine of Golden Gate Ventures, Dr Lu Gang from Technode, Hendrick Susanto from Traveloka, Yi Ping Goh from Quest Ventures as well as Norhizam Kadir from MDEC.

The conference will also feature highly curated activities designed for the local and international community which includes Corporate Innovation, Venture Investment, Startups War Stories, Digital Transformation, Future Technology, and E-Commerce. Other activities and showcases planned include Keynote & Panel Discussions, Tech Exhibitions, Workshops & Masterclasses, a Pitching Competition, Business & Investor Matching as well as a networking session and after party. More details at