Do you dream of having your own startup? Are you struggling to grow your existing startup?

Learn from some of our speakers including the likes of Techstars, HUBBA Thailand, RunCloud, Hermo, MDEC and more, who will be sharing their entrepreneurial stories at BaseConf2020!

Here, we’ve highlighted a few of the groundbreaking startups that will be joining us in Iskandar Malaysia for BaseConf2020 this year.

Day 1  –  Wednesday, January 15

04:00PM – 04:40PM

[Panel Discussion] Rise of The Rest: A Real Case Study From Successful Entrepreneur Out Of A Capital City

Entrepreneurs in Malaysia have seen a number of successful startups, such as iFlix and Groupon, just to name a few. It’s a known fact that some of the largest and most successful tech companies in Southeast Asia comes from Malaysia: either the company is founded by a local or holds the status of a Malaysian-listed company. Situated next to Singapore, we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of talent, mobility and funding, something that the local government has actively recognised. But what does it take to build a successful startup? What are the truths that founders must understand before their goals are realised? Join our panel discussion as we break down real case studies from some of Malaysia’s unicorns in order to find a way to make it on our own.

04:40PM – 05:20PM

[Keynote] Make Your Startup Thrive While You Sleep: Investing In Startup Operations & Growth Automation

The reality is that financial success is a probability formula, and 95% of startups fail. You need to solve numerous problems before a solution can translate into  growth for the company.  With this approach, time management in key. Validation, sales, growth and even accounting needs to be commoditized and automated as much as possible. Learn the methodologies, tactics and case studies for how to rapidly find product-market-fit for your startup to accelerate your progress towards scaling up or shutting down. 

Day 2  –  Thursday, January 16

04:30PM – 05:10PM

[Panel Discussion] Leveraging Platform & Super Apps

Asia has given birth to a new breed of tech giants known as Super Apps. These are essentially a single portal that provides a wide range of virtual products and services with examples such as WeChat and Alipay in China. These apps bundle together features like online messaging, social media (similar to Facebook), marketplaces like eBay and other services like Uber, allowing users to utilise one app, one sign in and one user experience for all their needs. Due to its versatility, these super apps have become ingrained into our daily lives, and we need to learn how to leverage these platforms in order to stand out from the crowd.

05:10PM – 06:15PM

[Pitching Competition] Startup Fight Club @ BaseConf 2020

Witness 8 rising startup stars from across 15 APAC cities battle it out for investment on our conference stage. These startups range from seed to pre-Series A-stage players and will be grilled, poked and prodded by some of the best mentors and investors in the region.

Get up close to the thought leaders in the technology industry. Check out topics that will be talked about during BaseConf 2020 here.

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