Do you plan to improve productivity, management, inventory tracking and security processes using new solutions such as IoT, blockchain, or automation? If you are, then you should come and join us at BaseConf2020 and meet regional experts in these fields.

Day 1  –  Wednesday, January 15

05:20PM – 06:00PM

[Panel Discussion] Mental Health & Self Care: What Founders Can Learn From The Best Coach & Athletes To Maintain Peak Performance

Both athletes and entrepreneurs utilise a similar set of skills in order to achieve the same goals and form a cohesive, peak-performing team. After years of studies, physiologists and coaches have realised that what athletes accomplish on the field has more to do with their mindset than their bodies. Business leaders often need help to develop focus, mentally sharpen their staff and read the signs before any problem comes up. They need to paint a picture that inspires unity and motivate the team to achieve the same goals. Athletes and coaches understand that they are there to win, while businesses need to know that everybody on board is heading towards a unified goal. Join this session and learn how to adopt these mentalities and apply it to your business to achieve and maintain peak performance.

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