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Day 1 – Wednesday | 15th Jan 2020


9:00am – 10:00am

Registration & Morning Coffee


10:00am – 10:20am

Opening Remarks

Speaker 1: Lim Feng, Co-Founder & CEO, START Malaysia 

Speaker 2: Amarit Charoenphan, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, Hubba Thailand & Techsauce Media


10:20am – 10:50am

[Keynote] Investing In Emerging Markets : Creating Win-win Situation Between Global Tech Giants & Nations ?

As internet usage in emerging markets has exponentially increased in the last decade, individuals have been exposed to the benefits of living in a conneted world, from making communication faster to accessing services easier. However, when we give our data to our favorite mapping application or our favorite, mobile wallet, we know we’re giving our private information in exchange for some conveniences and we do this without thinking how our personal data may be used by the service provider. Investing in security, privacy and making sure that portfolio companies adhere to data localization and portability regulations and policieis can easly enable win-win situations. 

Speaker: Riddhiman Das, ex – International Technology Investments of Ant Financial Alibaba & CEO & Founder of TripleBlind


10:50am – 11:30am

[Panel Discussion] The Art of Investing In Emerging Markets : Why The Time To Invest Is Now

Emerging markets in developing countries are fast becoming the driver of global growth. Why the need to invest in them? To cash in where today’s growth is and for the foreseeable future. These economies are expected to grow several times faster than developed nations, as corporate profits tend to grow faster when economic growth is higher.

Learn from our panel and realise that the time is now, emerging markets have ‘emerged’ and they are leading the economic growth while generating high GDP as well being diversified as well as providing you with opportunities to access global leaders in technology and innovation while giving you exposure to all levels of the market.

Panelist 1: Riddhiman Das, ex – International Technology Investments of Ant Financial Alibaba & CEO & Founder of TripleBlind

Panelist 2 : Russ Neu, Venture Partner, Impact, Quest Ventures

Panelist 3: Dr.Lu Gang, Founder & CEO, TechNode

Moderator: Annie Luu, Head of Asia, F4S


11:30aM – 12:15pm

[Panel Discussion] Preparing Beyond The Next Round : What Startups & Investors Should Know Before An Exit / IPO

You’ve put in all your time and effort into building something of value. You wake up one day to get a random offer. You get excited, you’re worried, due diligence happens and you’re in a mess. The buyer wants to haggle, what do you do?

Exits, mergers & acquisitions and going IPO are the goals of many founders, some would hold on and try to make it into the next unicorn while others would cash out, but are you actually read for the big E? Have you spent enough time understanding the exit plan? Have you maximise your options? Do you understand how M&As and going IPO works? If you don’t, you need to join this discussion to find out more.

Panelist 1 : Paul Ark, Managing Director – Corporate Venture Capital, Digital Ventures

Panelist 2 : Sai Kit Ng, Chief Executive, Captii Ventures Pte Ltd

Panelist 3 : Koichi Saito, Founder & General Partner, KK Fund

Moderator : Andre Sequerah, Managing Partner, ScaleUp Accelerator


12:15PM – 01:00pm

[Panel Discussion] The Reality & Truth of Fundraising In Malaysia : What Founders, Investors & Ecosystem Builders Need To Do Before Helping Companies Scale & Exit

Every business begins with high hopes and investor confidence, but we know that one decision can either make or break any business startup. Learn what kind of local companies should raise money while unlocking more venture capital into the local startup ecosystem. Find out what founders, investors and ecosystem builders need to fix before helping local companies scale up and exit.  We will share with you how to make the right market decisions to obtain the required funding and scale your business for your exit plan.

Panelist 1 : Jeffrey Paine, Managing Partner, Golden Gate Ventures

Panelist 2: Razif Abdul Aziz, Acting Group CEO, Cradle Fund

Panelist 3: Amiruddin Abdul Shukor, Executive Director, Finance & Corporate Services, Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity (MaGIC)

Moderator: Jiaway Koh, Associate Director, Business Angel Network South East Asia


01:00pm - 02:00PM

Networking Lunch

Invitees, all VIPs, speakers, partners, exclusive ticket holders


02:00PM – 02:40pm

[Panel Discussion] China's Investment In Southeast Asia : An Opportunity / Crisis For Founders & VCs?

Due to Southeast Asia’s diversity and population, it is becoming a focal point for China tech conglomerate who are looking to expand outside their domestic market. Alibaba Group Holding is bought Lazada Group and signed deals with both Thailand and Malaysia while gaming and social media giant Tencent Holdings invested in Singapore-Based Sea, the people behind Garena gaming and Shopee. 

With China’s investors eyeing this region, how do we capitalize on this opportunity? How do we make the best of it? Look into the bigger picture with our panel as they share with you their insights, so don’t be left out.

Panelist 1 : Dr Lu Gang, Founder & CEO, TechNode

Panelist 2 : Jan Smejkal, Founder & CEO, YCG Ventures

Moderator: Rama Mamuaya, Founder & CEO,


02:40PM – 03:10pm

[Keynote] Secrets of Building Great Startups & Replicating the Success

What is the secret sauce to building a successful startup? You need to be passionate, committed and willing to work for the long haul. Startups don’t fail, but founders give up on them too soon. You need to set realistic goals for growth and development and take it one step at a time. Every founder and entrepreneur wants to build a multimillion dollar company in a short amount of time, but it’s not the case for most businesses. Even those unicorns that seem like an overnight success actually flew under our radar for years before getting their much deserved break. Understanding these steps and principles can make the difference between a failed startup and a successful one.

Speaker: Shiyan Koh, Managing Partner, Hustle Fund


03:10PM –03:55pm

[Panel Discussion] Should We Expand Now? Knowing When & Where To Grow Your Startup

Growth is key in a business, we see it every day. But at times growing your own startup does not seem easy. It can be many things, from hard to read data, it’s something people don’t want or simply a mistake in marketing and execution. What’s the trick that unicorn founders do to flip a fortune? The truth is there’s none. 

It might seem easy to talk about building something big, but do you have all your bases covered? Our panel will share with you how and when to grow your business by not chasing the silver bullet. It’s time to focus and get directions on how to be the next big thing. 

Panelist 1: Ben Richardson, Founder & CEO , Onstage

Panelist 2: Bobby Liu, Executive Director, Topica Founder Institute

Panelist 3: Mohan Ram, APAC Partnerships Manager, Digital Ocean

Moderator: Uyanga Zalaa-Uul, CEO, START Mongolia


03:55PM – 04:40pm

[Panel Discussion] Rise of The Rest : A real case study from successful local entrepreneur, building startup out of a main capital city

We in Malaysia have seen a number of successful startups, such as iFlix, Groupon just to name a few. It’s a known fact that some of the largest and most successful tech companies of South-East Asia comes from Malaysia, are either started by a local or is a Malaysian listed company. Being next to Singapore, we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of talent, mobility and funding, something that the local government has actively recognised. But what does it take to build a successful startup? What are the truths that founders must understand before their goals are realised? Join our panel as we break down real case studies from some of Malaysia’s unicorns in order to make our own.

Panelist 1 : Ian Chua, Co-Founder & ex-CEO, Hermo

Panelist 2 : Arif Tukiman, Co-Founder & CEO, RunCloud

Panelist 3 : Chan Kee Siak, CEO & Founder, Exabytes

Moderator: Jowynne Khor, Startup Program, Developer Relations & Ecosystem, Google


04:40PM – 05:20pm

[Keynote] Make Your Startup Thrive While You Sleep : Investing In Startup Operations & Growth Automation

The reality is that financial success is a probability formula, that 95% of startups fail. You need to solve many problems before a solution can become a growing company.  When taking this approach, one must be efficient with your time. Validation, sales, growth and even accounting needs to be commoditized and automated as much as possible. Learn the methodologies, tactics and case studies for how to rapidly find product-market-fit for your startup to accelerate your progress towards scaling up or shutting down. 

Speaker : Ben Richardson, Founder & CEO, Onstage


05:20PM – 06:00pm

[Panel Discussion] Mental Health & Self Care : What Founders Can Learn From The Best Coach To Maintain Peak Performance

Both athletes and entrepreneurs utilise a similar set of skills in order to achieve the same goals, a cohesive, peak-performing team. After years of studies, physiologists and coaches have realised that what athletes accomplish on the field has more to do with their mindset than their bodies. Business leaders need to help develop focus, mentally sharpen their staff and able to read the signs before any problem comes up. They need to paint a picture that inspires unity and motivate them to achieve it together. Athletes and coaches understand they are there to win, businesses needs to know that everybody on board is heading towards a unifying goal. Come and learn how to adopt these mentalities and apply it to your business to achieve and maintain peak performance.

Panelist 1 : Amarit Charoenphan, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, Hubba Thailand & Techsauce Media

Panelist 2 : Jamie Lee, Co-Founder, The Kind Friend

Panelist 3 : Dash Dhakshinamoorthy, Founder, Startup Malaysia

Panelist 4: Joelle Pang, General Manager, FastJobs Malaysia 

Moderator : Ee Ling Lim, Singapore Country Lead, Innovation & Partnerships, 500 Startups


06:00pm – 06:15pm

Closing Remarks


06:15pm – late night

Exclusive VIP Dinner

Inviting all exclutive tickets holders, media, speakers, investors (Red colour lanyard)

Venue : Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour

Day 2 – Thursday | 16th Jan 2020


9:00am – 10:00am

Registration & Morning Coffee


10:00AM – 10:40AM

Opening Remarks & [Keynote] From Palm Trees To Cosmopolitan City : How Iskandar Malaysia Transformed The Economy Of This City

Since 2006, Iskandar Malaysia was developed as a major corridor for economic development in the South-Johor Economic Region. This vision has been facilitated by a Comprehensive Development Plan underpinning strategies to boost the physical and economic development of the Johor Bahru metropolitan area, targeting a total investment of RM383 billion in 2025. BaseConf 2020 will allow attendees to gain insight from the head of Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) and learn more on how IRDA transformed Oil Palm plantations into a development that ushered in Johor’s Golden Decade. 

Speaker : Datuk Ismail Ibrahim, Chief Executive, Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA)


10:40AM – 11:00AM

[Keynote] Corporate Innovation & Startup Ecosystem Building: Best Kept Secrets Of The Most Successful Global Companies

 Due to the rise of several billion dollar unicorns such as Facebook, Google and Uber over the recent years, the Startup movement has gained popularity and has triggered the call that established companies should be acting like startups.

Instead of viewing a business as a single monolithic organisation, any established company must take an ecosystem approach to their business. It is the combination of new ideas and profitable business models that defines successful innovation. An innovative ecosystem will take a company on an innovative journey and you will learn some of the best kept secrets of some of the worlds most successful companies with Amarit at BaseConf2020.

Speaker : Amarit Charoenphan, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, Hubba Thailand & Techsauce Media


11:00am - 12:00pm

[Panel Discussion] Culture, Frameworks, and Technologies for Transformation: Best Practices from Corporate Innovation

Many agree that digital transformation is the next big leap in business success, but with it comes the need for the business to be agile and mobile to adapt with the changing trends. Startups and companies must learn to create a safe space for innovation, and enable organisational agility and broaden the team’s perspective.

Staff validation is also important, from promotions to rewards and most importantly to learn from setbacks. Find out more about the tools and technologies for Transformation and the best practises from corporate innovators at BaseConf2020. 

Panelist 1: Ee Lynn Tee, Innovation & New Ventures, Sime Darby Property

Panelist 2: Grace Sai, Co-Founder, Found8 Corporate Innovation

Panelist 3: Hasniza Mohamed, Head of Digital, UEM Sunrise Berhad

Moderator: Howie Chang, Founder & CEO, Forward School


12:00pm - 1pm

[Panel Discussion] The myth and reality when the corporates go through the digital transformation

Digital Transformation is the next big thing, with companies investing resources into it. The use of technology to transform one’s business operations into a more efficient process. 

The biggest challenge of digital transformation however is not technology, but the mindset and culture of the people. Join us as we uncover the myths and realities of digitisation, aiding you on where and how to start, as well as the challenges you may face.

Panelist 1: Aldrich Huang, CEO, UXTesting

Panelist 2: Oranuch Lerdsuwankij, CEO & Co-Founder, Techsauce Media

Panelist 3: Ahmad Fadzli Zainudin, Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Iskandar Investment Berhad

Panelist 4: Surina Shukri, Chief Executive Officer,Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

Moderator: Heislyc Loh, Founder & Community Director, Startup Mamak


01:00pm - 02:00PM

Networking Lunch

Invitess, all VIPs, speakers, partners, exclusive ticket holders


02:00PM – 02:40pm

[Panel Discussion] Creating Media Content That Engages In The New Media World

Content creation is an important part in conventional marketing strategies, almost 90% of companies engage in content marketing on some level with some producing content that Internet users share. Find out the difference in content production between traditional & byte sized clips that need to engage with the audience and what trends to look out for in 2020. You will learn tips and tricks for creating & producing engaging content that will be on the up because a well-planned marketing strategy creates an opportunity to get your brand in front of a global audience, generating new leads for you and your company.

Panelist 1: Cheah Sheau Mei, User and Content Operations Manager, TikTok

Panelist 2: Rashid Karim, CEO, Iskandar Malaysia Studios

Panelist 3: Oranuch Lerdsuwankij, CEO & Co-Founder, Techsauce Media

Moderator: Desmond Ngai, Senior Vice President, Global Alliances, WebTVAsia


02:40PM – 03:20pm

[Panel Discussion] E-commerce Landscape In SEA : How To Survive & Thrive Between The Battles of US & China Titans

Despite the misconception that China and Western nations are monopolising the eCommerce industry, SEA has shown a healthy growth trend over the years. Being the third largest population and still growing internet connectivity, we need to accept that we are an upcoming market of interest for eCommerce, with many saying that its still in its infancy and presents many growth opportunities for business who are ready to face its challenges. It’s time to ride the wave and learn how to survive and thrive between the two titans with our panel of speakers. 

Panelist 1: Anil Menghani, Vice President & GM – APJC, CleverTap

Panelist 2: Kevin Lee, Chief Business Officer, Lazada Malaysia

Panelist 3: Anil Gautam, Managing Director, DHL E-Commerce Malaysia

Moderator: Adrian Oh, Co-Founder, EcInsider


03:20PM – 03:50pm

[Fireside Chat] Learnings from Traveloka : Journey of Building A Unicorn Company & Scaling Regionally

South East Asia has become the new battlefield for e-commerce platforms as more of them are taking a hold in the region. Many believe that the competition would not slow down, but will only heighten in the coming years. It is because the number of Asian Internet users are still rapidly growing, this includes mobile users. These online platforms will be able to reach more customers while the SMEs who are also online merchants benefit by getting the much needed support for their own businesses. By seeing the potential of e-commerce, more players can join the industry and help grow a regional platform for all. Find out how unicons are born and bred in this fireside chat. 

Speaker: Hendrik Susanto, Chief Investment Officer, Traveloka

Moderator: Lim Feng, Co-Founder & CEO, START Malaysia


03:50PM – 04:20pm

[Keynote] Investing As The National Sovereign Wealth Fund : Balancing Between Creating Economic Values & Sustainable Impact

Khazanah Nasional Berhad is one of the most important investment entities in Malaysia. Under its belt is a myriad of portfolios including development, tourism and even tech companies, but not all investments are made just to create economic value, there’s a strategic angle that KNB needs to achieve in order to create a long term sustainable impact on the market. 

Come and learn from KNB on how they do it. From the factors of consideration to the outcomes of investing into tech companies on behalf of the country, gain insight on how the sovereign wealth fund balances between the strategic and commercial funds of tech companies from the likes of Alibaba & Palantir to Ping Ann & Ant Financial.

Speaker: Tengku Dato’ Sri Azmil Zahruddin Raja Abdul Aziz, Deputy Managing Director, Khazanah Nasional Berhad


04:20PM – 05:00pm

[Panel Discussion] Leveraging Platform & Super Apps

Asia has given birth to a new breed of tech giants known as Super Apps. These are essentially a single portal that provides a wide range of virtual products and services with examples such as WeChat and Alipay in China. These apps bundle together features like online messaging, social media (similar to Facebook), marketplaces like eBay and other services like Uber, allowing users to utilise one app, one sign in and one user experience for all their needs. Due to its versatility, these super apps have become ingrained into our daily lives, and we need to learn how to leverage on these platforms in order to stand out from the crowd.

Panelist 1: Yaw Yeo, Managing Director for International Business, CPaaS | CDN | Video Products, Alibaba Cloud

Panelist 2: Nyha Shree, Co-Founder & CMO,

Panelist 3: Shen Loong Ong, Country Director, Lalamove

Moderator: Aldrich Huang, CEO, UXTesting


05:00PM – 06:20pm

[Pitching Competition] Startup Fight Club @ BaseConf 2020

Witness the rising Startup stars from across 15 APAC cities battle it out for investments on our conference stage. These Startups range from seed to pre-series A stage players and will be grilled, poked and prod by some of the regions best mentors and investors.


06:20pm – 06:35pm

Closing Remarks & Special Annoucement

Speaker : YB Jimmy Puah Wee Tse, Chairman, Johor International Trade, Investment and Utility Committee


06:35pm – late night

Networking Afterparty

Inviting all the delegates from BaseConf 2020 (Bring your lanyard, 1st 300 drinks is on the house)

Venue : Puteri Harbour – Magnum, Brussels, 7Grapes, Jay’s Grill


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